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Calling all English riders! Well, England English riders. :)


I’m going to be travelling to England from the U.S. in Fall 2014 for my graduate school studies! Right now I have the schools narrowed down to:

  • University of York (in York, England)
  • University of Essex (in Colchester, England)
  • Kingston University (in London, England)

Obviously, I have to keep my horses in the U.S. as I’ll be lucky to feed myself for the year, but I’m looking into taking English lessons while I’m over there. 

I’m an accomplished Western rider, and I’ve ridden English my whole life, I just haven’t ridden as much or as competitively as I have Western: I’ve ridden what I believe riders in England call American English…?

So I guess what I’m trying to ask is: What is an average rate for a lesson in England for someone like me in any of those areas? I know how to ride, and I’ve ridden English, but I’m probably more an intermediate rider in that discipline. 

Any answers are appreciated! :D

Anyone’s advice would be great! :D